Most of my work is in the form of traditional painting, mainly in the medium of acrylic paint on either canvas, paper, or board.  If the works have a subject, then that subject is the seascapes and landscapes of west Wales, often seen from the unusual perspective granted to the sailor of a small boat.  The figurative element of the paintings is usually quite abstracted from the natural view.

But what are abstracts?  Simon O'Sullivan says this, "The art object, in this case a Richter Abstract, might then be seen to have the character of an event.  An event that actualises a set of visualities and in so doing expresses a possible world.  An event drawn from the pure reserve of events, the pure virtuality of an ideal pre-existing world (the 'silent and shaded part of the event').  The abstracts are, in Deleuze-Leibniz's terms, compossibles that have been 'sifted through' the great screen.  They are abstractions, we might even say extractions, from a chaotic multiplicity, itself understood as the sum total of all possibilities.  Painting then is not painting onto the blank canvas à la Clement Greenberg et al.  Indeed the canvas is never blank, or empty in this sense, but rather is always already 'full' of potentialities.  Painting then becomes a process of subtraction from Leibniz's 'dark background', the black dust of the imperceptible.  Indeed, this is a distinctive feature of Deleuze's and Leibniz's ontology.  An ontology of fullness, of plenitude, of which 'the world' as we 'see' it is an abstraction/subtraction [Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari, 2006: 130]."

I am also making some digital images which are available in high definition for download or as high quality signed prints in limited edition.

The price of physical works quoted in the gallery / shop includes shipping to any destination.  Some of the works on canvas are framed, but the sizes quoted do not include the frame.  I am happy to unframe such canvases for shipping.  If you would like to see more images of a work in its frame, or have any questions or observations, please contact me using the boxes below.

Works on paper will be shipped in flat reinforced packets or, where appropriate, rolled into a secure cardboard tube.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, I will refund the purchase price in full provided the work is returned to me in its original condition within 36 days of despatch from my studio.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work in the gallery / shop.

Thanks! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.